dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Japan trip doodles and pics

Hey all!
Thank you for all the messages! Japan was awesome!

Here's some pages of the sketchbook i brought there.

And 2 little things I started before I left.
This one was for cfsl.net 8th anniversary. I'll be at the 2nd workshop they do this week end by the way!
... and this one I'll have to finish later!

and a first batch of photos from our Japanese trip. Here is a link to the collection (which will grow when I'll be done editing the 4000 shots I did)

See you later (Zzzzz)

24 commentaires:

doubleclicktf a dit…

Wow! You don't waste a trip - lots of great reference, and it looks like you had a great time :)

jake gumbleton a dit…

Love theses new characters and the Japan trip looked amazing!!
My single favourite holiday we have ever done is still Japan. It is just untopable!
Did you get to Nara? & the Ghibli Museum?

Clo a dit…

doubleclicktf : Haha thank you! It was great! :)
Jake : Yep both of them, I have tons of pics with the deers! :D

Amelie a dit…

Wow! (L)

rodrigoart a dit…

the photos are sooo nice! i love seeing how travel affects artists work! must have been loads of fun, woo hoo!

Hélow a dit…

こんばわ !

Superbes dessins *-*.
Et alors, le Japon, une belle expérience ?

Peut-être que je vais pouvoir y'aller cet été :3. Je t'envies en tout cas *-*.

Annie a dit…

jolis, jolis, ces dessins... sûr qu'ils sont mimi les petits japonais....=)=) ces photos mettent l'eau à la bouche...quel buffet, mais le pain c'est bon aussi...hihi

C.Deboda a dit…

Cool! Lotsa good stuff here.

Julien alday a dit…

Super content de te savoir de retour parmi nous ! <3
J'adore tes tofs, mais les dessins tuent, genre bien !
Et rendez-vous à Paris,

kalonji a dit…

super sympa de nous faire partager tes croquis made in japan ainsi que ses belles photos ^^!!

N.Hall a dit…

Everything is lovely!

enmi a dit…

Ooh, ooooh! I love that slupring girl! All these sketches are so inspiring and wonderful! I hope you have a nice trip <3

A dirty punk a dit…

Hé hé! Trop rigolos les croquis du début, mi-japonais mi-jackson 5 :)
Une belle expérience tout ça, c'est chouette!

fungi a dit…

amazing sketches and photos! im so jealous!

Jonish a dit…

I love you(your art), Aurélie! (Don't tell him, he'd beat me up!)

NQ a dit…

Hey Clo! GREAT sketches - they're so lovely. I like where the unfinished piece is going too!
Awesome photos from your trip! I'm so jealous you went to the Ghibli museum... must have been so cool!

Keith a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Love the sketches of legs.

Octavio E. Rodriguez a dit…

Great post!

Madame Rhubarbe a dit…

Héhé, belles gambettes !
Croquis à croquer aussi...
Bon, je vais juste aller me pendre tellement je suis désespérée de pas pouvoir aller au Japon, pis je reviens après. ^^

Craig Phillips a dit…

Very inspiring! Love the sketch book pages so much.

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