dimanche 15 août 2010


9 commentaires:

Monstertree a dit…

Really pretty, the lines pointing inward really draw you to her eyes. Is the colour digital or traditional?

Clo a dit…

Thank you! The colors are digital. Maybe I'll paint the real sketch though. :)

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful! I love the way you've done the hair.

kyle a dit…

really beautiful drawing! coloured version looks wonderful too! cheers

Lara a dit…

So beautiful and her hair looks soooooo soft! You always make it look like you have painted it with watercolour rather than digitally!

Craig Phillips a dit…

Really sweat. Nice light touch.

Fabian a dit…

I am in love Aurélie! She is gorgeous, you did an amazing job!!

Clo a dit…

Thanks everyone for the nice words! :)

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