mardi 17 août 2010

I'm a lucky girl!!

Hey, it's been a long time since I wanted to post this! I want to share all the amazing gifts I had!

First, my friend Rachel sent me this cute little guy for my birthday (months ago). She made it with her own hands, she's awesome! Check out her stuff here

I called him Graou.

and I had a little bit of fun :D

Also, I got some amazing paintings by Rodrigo Luff . We did an art and cookie trade, which turned out to be a little bit difficult between Australia and France, because of the customs (I'm pretty sure they ate the cookies Rod!)
So here is what I sent (It's such a shame when you see what he sent back! :O)

Cookieees (just before he ate the poor Totoro)

even his cat seemed to like the cookies

And here is what I got, along with a nice little letter!!!

Aren't they gorgeous?! Who's the lucky giiirl?
Thank you so much my friends!

On another note, last weekend we went to the park and i tried to sketch our dog, then he signed the drawing when I wasn't looking.

Aaand, I'm slowly working on Cerise, our graphic novel with Joris.

(clic for larger view)

more to see soon!

9 commentaires:

Captain Blueberry a dit…

RoOOOoOOoo Merci keupine, trop bien la ptite video!! Ca lui va trop bien Graou :)
trop bien les dessins de ton copain, pfffiuuuu je suis epatee :)
haha et oui, la nourriture ca passe pas les douanes tres tres bien ici :P
et comme d'hab, ton ptit bout de Cerise promet!

rodrigoart a dit…

cant wait to see how the graphic novels turned out!!

I loved your drawing but i havent found a frame for it yet, i will definitely send pix when i do!!

glad you liked the drawings, it was my pleasure although i hope the bonus one made up for the lack of cookies! Customs sent the drawing back so i had to re-send it :P


Clo a dit…

Hey guys! :D
Merci encore madame, et de rien pour le gif (me suis amusée) et pis pour la nourriture moi j'avais pas marqué sur le paquet que c'etait de la nourriture hehehe, du coup les miens sont passés! Bisous!

Rod : Thank you again! Haha it worths a ton of cookies, i'm so spoiled! :3
Thanks for Cerise! I'll post some pages soon!

gérard a dit…

Ah! Enfin Cerise...
Je suis pressé d'en voir plus!
Bon courage

Scott Altmann a dit…

Can't wait for the graphic novel either! From the sneak peaks you've given us it looks like it will be a hit!

Lovely doggie sketches too :)

And also nice job on the art trade ;)

Richard Cu Doble a dit…

your work makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. its awesome!

SKIZO a dit…


Tatieva a dit…

Rhô, on dirait exactement ma petite pépette tigrée ! Adorables matous qui se la coulent douce...
J'aime beaucoup Cerise à la recherche des secrets que nous mettons tant de mal à cacher... ;-)))

Love Kpop a dit…

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