lundi 1 novembre 2010

1st November : International self portrait day !!!

Is that what I actually did for the international self portrait day?

Yes it is.
(and it looks like me. Yes it does.)

Last year on that same day we were drawing all together with our friends Victoria and Federico. And I miss them !
Come on Scotland, get closer! :(

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Anonyme a dit…

Today is International self portrait day?! Damn, I did mine yesterday! Argh :( Should have done foresight instead of telekinesis ;)

Aurélie, your self portrait is very cute and funny and a great drawing as always. I'm a big fan of your work for some time now. Kudos and all the best from Berlin!

Fabian a dit…

Your self portrait is filled with extreme cutenss!!! Your are beautiful for real and in cartoon way :)

A dirty punk a dit…

Mouhahaha la tronche XD

Buffy Dismorr a dit…

Ah - I did one yesterday too! I love your one though - really great. I've just started following you, and really love looking at your stuff!

Victoria Maderna a dit…

Awww we miss you too!!! Next year you should come visit us and we can all draw and paint together again :D
Your self portrait is totally awesome too! Not sure if I'll do mine yet...

Clo a dit…

Hendrik : Hey this is nice, i like yours too. Thanks for the kind words!

Fabian : You're kind! ^^ Thank you!

la sale punk : :D C'est *à peine* exagéré, n'est ce pas?

Buffy Dismorr : thank you very much!

Victoriaaa : I'd love to! <3 Will try to do that next year then!
And you should totally do your self portrait!! I love how you do them :)

devin platts a dit…



Anonyme a dit…

Aurélie, merci *

Guto Respi a dit…

great! great!